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Solar Panels Orange County is the premiere installation specialist  in Residential and Commercial Renewable Solar Energy in Orange County, CA.


We are committed to providing trusted Solar Panel Installation in California, and consistently deliver superior levels Solar Expertise, allowing our clients to rate our service accordingly. The Best Price on Solar systems availible.


When you are researching and planning your Highly Efficient Solar Power System, you can trust Solar Panels Orange County, the leaders in Solar Panel Installation in Orange County California.


California has enjoyed a surge in power produced by solar, rising more than ten-fold since 2010. Currently, 9891 gigawatt hours of clean, Solar energy were produced in 2014 alone.


Solar Panels Orange County offers a variety of engineering and construction services within the solar market, meeting Californians growing demand for Efficient Clean Solar Power.


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What We Offer....

Solar Energy Company

The Most Trusted Solar Panel Installation Experts!

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Why Have Solar Panels?

There are many very good reasons to choose Solar Energy and here are a few to consider:

Solar Panels Demonstrate a Commitment to the Future -

Preserving our precious natural resources is not simply for activists! Many all over the world are choosing to invest in clean, green energy solutions today, to build a better tomorrow.

Solar Panels Will Save You Money -

Did you know that Californians pay twice as much, on average, than residents of many other states, such as Idaho? Our kilowatt-hour is about 15 cents*. Savings experienced by our Solar Panel clients is substantial and excess clean, green power can be sold back!

         * according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration

Solar Panels Will Help Our Environment -

Looking for a real way to reduce your carbon footprint? Simply by switching to a renewable energy source, like solar energy, you will make a difference. Clean, Green and Renewable Energy is Orange County's future.

Solar Panels Look Appealing-

Solar Panels should not be an eyesore. Solar Panels of today are sleek and attractive, adding value to your home. Modern and stylish, Solar Panels have never been more appealing.

Solar Panels are Always Subsidized -

Both Federal and State Incentive Programs are in place to encourage many more homeowners to use Green, Renewable Solar Energy. One such example is The California Solar Initiative (CSI), which will provide cash back for Solar Panel Installation.

Solar Panels Orange County believes in a better way to power businesses and homes across America, creating clean, green, renewable energy at lower costs.


We stand by our work for the long term, always partnering with our clients to ensure the solar panels we installed power homes provide lasting, efficient power.

All of our Home Solar Panels are designed to be sleek and appealing. Our panels are low profile, keeping their appearance attractive and designed to compliment all architecture styles.


Solar Panels OC will work with you and design a custom solar panel system in keeping with the exterior of you home, while meeting your energy demands.


Each of our clients benefits from Solar Panel OC consultants, who partner with you to make decisions that meet your specifications. We come prepared with photos and information for you to draw inspiration from, and make decisions that work for you.


Solar Panels OC technicians are pleased to offer high energy yield solutions for a range of climate conditions, including high temperatures and lower light situations.


We offer Solar Panel Technologies with proven reliability.  It is important that the panels you choose operated as described, even in extreme weather conditions, allowing you to sell electricity back to your utility company at the highest peak rates.


Solar Panels Orange County only works with the highest quality equipment, from A-Rated home solar panel manufacturers. We do all the background work for our clients and narrow down solar panels for homes and businesses that provide high performance and premium quality.


Solar Panels OC engineers always suggest the proper solar panels for each application, taking climate, property and energy-production into consideration.


Cost effectiveness is a main factor for most homeowners. Solar panels should be evaluated for you based on something we like to call "The Financial Efficiency Factor". This is the calculation of total energy the solar panels produce over their lifespan (cost per kilowatt hour generated).


Because we work with the best solar manufacturers, we have the ability to purchase the highest quality solar panels at greatly discounted prices. Solar Panels Orange County only chooses solar panels that have the industry's stamp of approval, ensuring our clients enjoy fantastic energy production and superior performance in each application.


What does this mean in real terms? It means you get more energy for your investment.


Solar Panels Orange County


A Few Words From Our Customers:



"Installation was a breeze with Solar Panels OC. They helped explain the process, including State and Federal Rebates. We would recommend them to anyone looking to Solar Energy."

       Erin Reynolds (Irvine, CA)

"Fast, Efficient service. Knowledgeable staff offers no-hype, no-pressure tactics. [...] Install was quicker, easier and less invasive that I had imagined."

Byron Miles (Newport Beach, CA)

Proudly Serving  Orange,  Irvine,  Laguna Beach,  Aliso Viejo,  Lake Forest,

San Clemente, Newport Beach,  Huntington Beach  and all of Orange County.

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