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We often receive feedback from potential Solar Panel Consumers turned off by the initial investment required when installing Solar at a residential or Business location. Even passionate environmentalists are challenged by the up front commitment.


We understand this is a big investment, not only in your property, but the health and wellbeing of our planet. It can seem daunting.

Solar Panels Orange County offers several financing opportunities to help clients afford the initial costs associated with installing this amazing Renewable Energy Source. For your convince we have provided a list of four Financing Options available to our new Solar Consumers. Should you have any questions, or need a few questions answered, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We have years of experience and clout in the Solar Panel Industry.

Financing Opportunities Available

1. Direct Ownership (Cash): This is option is just as it seems; payment in full up for the Solar Technology up front. Clients seek to get a loan from local financial institutions or pay out of pocket.


2. Solar Loans: Solar Panels Orange County has done the loan negotiation for you, taking advantage of special loan terms available to those clients purchasing Solar from our company. These more easily absorbed payments will often be considerably less than a clients current monthly utility bill total. This option has the distinct advantage of ownership at the end of the loan. This usually is 10-15 years.


3. Set Purchase Power Agreements:  Taping into set rates for a longer period, such as 20 years, during which the client agrees to purchase power at. This rate, again, will be considerably lower than purchasing from any utility corporation.


4. Simple Solar Leasing: An a attractive opportunity to lease a Solar Power System at a very discounted monthly rate. The lease terms are greatly reduced compared to current monthly utility payments.




Solar Panels Orange County


A Few Words From Our Customers:



"Installation was a breeze with Solar Panels OC. They helped explain the process, including State and Federal Rebates. We would recommend them to anyone looking to Solar Energy."

       Erin Reynolds (Irvine, CA)

"Fast, Efficient service. Knowledgeable staff offers no-hype, no-pressure tactics. [...] Install was quicker, easier and less invasive that I had imagined."

Byron Miles (Newport Beach, CA)

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