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Solar Panels Orange County leads the Solar movement in Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Orange County, CA.


According to The United States Department Of Energy, Electricity Utility Costs are likely to double over the next 4-5 years. Choosing to move from traditional utility grid power to an energy producing Solar Panel system has never been more important. The California Solar Initiative (CSI) set aside more than $1 Billion in 2006 towards Solar Energy Incentives.



When your business installs Solar Photovoltaic Power Panels, your utility company will likely pay you up to 4 times what you are currently being billed. For a standard sized Solar Panel Installation, this could save you up to 60% on the total cost.


Solar Photo-voltaic Electric producing systems (PV) are considered to be low maintenance with good longevity. Powering your business by harnessing the Sun's rays is no longer a dream. While these systems may sound complex and expensive, the truth is that the benefits even in the first year can help to offset the total costs. The only maintenance required is cleaning a few times a year. A small price to pay for the greatly lowered Electricity overhead. Simply keeping your Solar Panels clean can increase energy production by up to 40%. That is big money.


Many businesses desire the installation of Solar Panels, but do not live in a state that has committed monies in an effort to help businesses offset prohibitive out of pocket upfront costs. The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has stepped in to pay up to 33% of the installation costs of any PV Solar System anywhere in California. Your business will put a fully refundable deposit down on the system, which is returned once the job is complete. Any business that is located in sunny southern California has a great advantage.


While some tax credits have expired since 2017, there a plenty of local incentives to get dollars back even before your electricity bill arrives! Always keep a lookout for local city tax breaks and others that may be on offer from the State.


Local clients who have taken advantage of our favorable financing and excellent installation rates include Knotts and Coastline Drug Rehab Centers - Orange County





Solar Panels Orange County


A Few Words From Our Customers:



"Installation was a breeze with Solar Panels OC. They helped explain the process, including State and Federal Rebates. We would recommend them to anyone looking to Solar Energy."

       Erin Reynolds (Irvine, CA)

"Fast, Efficient service. Knowledgeable staff offers no-hype, no-pressure tactics. [...] Install was quicker, easier and less invasive that I had imagined."

Byron Miles (Newport Beach, CA)

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