Residential Solar Panel Installation

Orange County Residents will always pay less when harnessing the power of Solar Energy. Leave the utility grid behind, and take steps to install your own Power source.


Solar Panels Orange County specializes in professional Installation of Solar Systems for homeowners throughout the region.

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Solar Panels Orange County takes pride in our many satisfied clients, reaping the many benefits of Clean, Renewable Solar Energy from the ultimate power source, the Sun.


When you convert your home to Solar, you are freed from the high cost of electricity due when paying for grid energy each month. Take advantage of the ability to lock in a fixed rate, often considerably lower than what you are paying out now.


This ability to lock in at a certain rate protects you from rate inflations, dictated by your local energy companies.


A substantial number of our clients in Orange County are enjoying energy bills as much as 25% lower than traditional electric purchase off the grid. When comparing Solar Power to Traditional Energy sources, Solar owners will always come out ahead.


There are so many financial obligations vying to be top priority. Put your Energy Payments back in their place and enjoy the rewards.


Often potential clients voice concerns about the complexity of Solar Panel Installation, but the process is not as daunting as one might think at first. Solar Panels Orange County's Professional and fully Licensed Installation teams take the headache out of the process, leaving you to look forward to your financial benefits.

This is the process:

1. Your New Solar Panels on your home's roof collect Direct Current (DC) Power directly from the ultimate power source,  the Sun. Direct Current Electricity is power that moves only in one direction.


2. Next, the collected Direct Current Energy is converted to Alternating Current. This type of power is just as it sounds. Alternating Current is electricity that is moving in two directions, and is stored. Combined with inverters, this power is what you tap into when plugging items into your wall outlets.


3. This Collected Solar power is added to your existing  Electric Meter from which you used to receive electricity from the utility company's power grid. Instead, you can enjoy your newly acquired Solar Energy, saving the planet and your pocketbook.


Better yet, the government has instituted law allowing any unused Solar Energy to be sold to your utility company, at rates that will make you smile.


4. Flip the switch! Enjoy your new Solar Powered Home!


Should issues arise, your home is still connected to your utility provider, allowing you to tap back in.

Solar Panels Orange County


A Few Words From Our Customers:



"Installation was a breeze with Solar Panels OC. They helped explain the process, including State and Federal Rebates. We would recommend them to anyone looking to Solar Energy."

       Erin Reynolds (Irvine, CA)

"Fast, Efficient service. Knowledgeable staff offers no-hype, no-pressure tactics. [...] Install was quicker, easier and less invasive that I had imagined."

Byron Miles (Newport Beach, CA)

Proudly Serving  Orange,  Irvine,  Laguna Beach,  Aliso Viejo,  Lake Forest,

San Clemente, Newport Beach,  Huntington Beach  and all of Orange County.

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