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Orange is home to one of California's Most Reputable Solar Panel Installation Companies, Solar Panels Orange County.


Our commitment is to stay ahead of the curve in the solar industry. We provide a Clean, Green and Renewable Energy Plan, installing Premium Solar Panels throughout Orange County, California.

Solar Panels Orange County can offer a reasonable estimate as to how much savings you should expect when you switch to Solar Energy.  We like our clients to be aware that the exact amount will vary based consumption rate, fluctuating energy prices, property conditions to name the major variants. How much you save long term will also vary based on your initial investment level. Should you purchase your system, or simply lease, the amount you will save overall will be affected.


We have had many many home and business owners report to us that they have enjoyed cuts of anywhere between  50% and 90% over the coarse of a year. Based on the example that your outgoing energy cost are about $450 each month, and you estimate using a conservative 50% reduction, you would save $225 each month. Over the span of a year, your savings would be a whopping $2700. Should you be looking to install Solar Panels at your business, and your monthly   output is $1100, and calculate your potential savings based on a conservative 50% again, you will be looking at a yearly savings of $6600. This is an incredible amount of money preserved for business growth or expansion.



While the savings are enough to drive many consumers to switch to solar, another main deciding factor is the very real increase in value your property will enjoy. This benefit is doubly sweet as it comes without incurring any additional tax liabilities. All of our clients are thrilled to reduce their dependence on more costly natural resources and pleased to participate in the move to clean, environmentally conscious energy sources.


Solar Panels Orange County home and business owners enjoy the ability to market this added value when selling their properties, standing above the crowd. Passing on the movement to clean energy is a great reward for your commitment to minimize your footprint.

Take a look at California on the map above. Did you notice the incredible average savings you could take advantage of? In 2011 the national average we about $20,000, when solar panels cost considerably more, affecting your bottom line.


Costs of Solar Panel Installation

We are asked to give a quote on this, site unseen, more than any other solar energy question and tell our clients that there are several variables that we would need to assess before answering accurately.



First, we would need to establish Solar Panel installation project size. Depending on the number of panels required or desired, the pricing varies significantly.


Second major factor is the issue of property location. Is your home or business in an area that is accessible or will extra equipment be required?


Thirdly, your financial investment level. There are different costs associated with owning your solar panels as opposed to leasing.


Finally, the incentives you have qualified for make a difference in your final costs.

Many of Solar Panels Orange County customers paid $0 upfront and enjoyed greatly reduced electric bills. Other clients have invested close to $20,000 in their Solar Panel systems, and benefit from the tens of thousands in income generated as a result.


As seen on the chart below, the Cost of Solar website has compiled a graph visualizing the costs associated with Solar Panel Installation paired with an estimated savings enjoyed over 20 years. These 2011 figures were gathered by a study completed to give consumers a better picture of Solar panel costs and corresponding benefits. It is good to note that the cost of Solar Panel Installation has come down in the past few years. The average savings in Orange County, California are even grater than what the below chart indicates.

Generate Income with Solar Energy

When considering the total costs for Solar Panels, it is important to keep in mind that you will be doing more than simply cutting monthly utility costs, but that you will be generating additional income.


The State of California offers very attractive Renewable Energy Incentives designed to encourage business and home owners to make strides to switch to Clean Energy, whether  it be through Photovolaic Panels, wind or water power.


Should you qualify for any of these incentives, you could be paid by your utility company to make the switch today. They benefit from your move to solar as much as you do, as your household or business goes from being a drain on their grid to a contributor. It is a win-win for everyone.


You could very easily end up with a negative electricity bill each month!


It will not cost you a dime to explore your Solar Panel Installation options through us. We are here to answer and and all of your questions and help you take the first step to energy freedom!

Contact Us Today!  We will get you on your way to powering your home or business with Solar Panels installed by Solar Panels Orange County.  949-558-3373

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