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Solar Energy was once considered ‘the future’ in Renewable Energy, but no longer.


 Solar is today’s Clean Energy source and it is growing leaps and bounds, and is no longer a novelty, but a necessity.

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We are often asked ‘Why Solar?’ when making a case for current utility consumers taking steps to become Solar Powered. Allow us to explain in a bit more detail and describe some interesting benefits that make choosing Solar Panel Installation for your home worth your time and initial investment.

Here are some great incentives for switching to Solar Energy:

1.  The Government offers attractive Solar Incentives to both Residential and Commercial Solar Owners.


These Incentives are available through both the federal and state government. The United States is taking its lead from the many countries around the globe that have programs for supporting and promoting Renewable Energy Sources, including Solar Panels. The following is a list of some similar programs:


Consumer sale of Electricity back to the power grid is supported by law.

Affordable financing for Solar Panels and Panel Installation through low interest loans

Substantial Tax Relief in the way of incentives.

Solar subsidies to offset Solar Installation and Panel costs.


With the passing of the California Solar Initiative in 2006, the government budgeted $2.168 Billion to support a goal of 1,940 MW of new solar generation capacity in the state. California’s Solar Power Market is growing leaps and bounds, helped greatly by the Incentives and underwriting of Solar Panel Installation by Local and Federal Governing bodies. Californians have moved in mass to Go Green and make huge steps away from dependency on Fossil Fuel.

2.  Converting your business or home to Solar Energy greatly reduces your environmental footprint and dependency on Fossil Fuels.


The use of Fossil Fuels to produce Electricity is not a clean, environmentally friendly process. Fuels are burned, contributing to air and water pollution levels, which adversely impact not only the planet, but the future generations behind us. When Solar Panels are installed and the suns power is harnessed for Energy production, we are producing a truly clean power, with no harmful pollutants. This Renewable Energy Process is called Photovoltaics.


As witnesses in our lifetimes, the constant hunger for and pursuit of increasingly limited Fossil Fuels has lead governments to war and environmental catastrophes. Our land is scarred and pitted scouring for these Energy Producing Fuels and the need for power has only increased. The Sun is the ultimate power source, untouched and unscathed by our collection of energy. It is a practical, realistic long term solution for our energy needs.


Solar Energy draws on the Sun’s infinite, free power, allowing us to fuel our businesses and homes, save natural resources, support the environment and provide financial benefits. Join the millions of households around the world harnessing this amazing clean energy!


3. There are a large number of Environmental Advantages when using Solar Energy.


Solar Panels, or Photovoltaic Panels, use highly sophisticated and technical hardware to collect, store and convert the Suns untapped energy. While it is true that the creation and installation process require physical resources and labor, the footprint left is relatively small. When the impact of solar panel production is compared with other methods of energy collection, it is very clear that harnessing Solar Energy is a clean, safe, resourceful alternative to ocean and land drilling or coal mining. There is a great deal of debate about the negative impacts of this other industries on our planet, but Solar Energy is Clean.


There is evidence that even clean natural gas generates significant greenhouse gas emissions, harming the atmosphere. Solar Panels are praised for their ability to provide a clean renewable power source. Deep Ocean drilling and tanker spills have wreaked havoc on our greatest natural resources, water and land.  While the risks of Fracking are not yet fully understood, there are suggestions that it is causing seismic activity, indicative of geographical instability risks.


Turn to Solar Energy and leave a positive impact on our planet.

4. Power Matching means your Solar Energy is available for you when you need it most.


When the temperature soars outside, your air conditioner’s compressor will run constantly without catching up, costing you greatly each Summer month. Solar Power can match your Peak Time Output with your Peak Time Demand.


Imagine it's afternoon on a hot and sunny day in August. Your air conditioner's compressor is running at full capacity, and it still feels hot in the house. Now multiply that scenario over a period of 4 weeks, and then imagine looking at your Electricity Bill.


What if you could filter in Energy from the Sun to power your Air Conditioning Unit during the hottest part of the day, month, and year? Whatever your Peak Time Demand for Energy is, a Solar Powered System can match that amount of Output. Image your Electric Bill now.


Solar Power supplements the electricity from the grid, during the hot summer months, and frankly, year round - whenever the sun is out. This allows for your Electric Provider to save energy, and you to save money.

Solar Panels Orange County


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